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Monday, September 20, 2010

Me, My Elf, And I

So it turns out that if you wear a pair of realistic elf ears into a Meijer at around eight o'clock on a Sunday night, just long enough to grab a jar of maraschino cherries*, you won't get that much attention. Well, other than from the old man waiting for his wife to finish checking out the fab Meijer clothing. He will look quite surprised and a touch alarmed.

However, if you wear that pair of realistic elf ears into an El Patio Mexican restaurant so that you can nom some nomilicious chili rellenos and tacos, well, you will get some attention. Hilariously, it will come in the form of sidelong stares and en espagnol asides and surreptitious giggles from the (all male) staff. And possibly the customers, according to MTL, though I couldn't see them. NO ONE WILL SAY ANYTHING.

I love society.

Also, MTL now realizes to what an extent his social anxiety has faded over the years, because he was amused rather than bothered in the least by sitting next to an elf-in-human's-clothing in a public area. You know, other than the Renaissance Festival, where such things are blase and normal.

The attention being the potential issue, not the ears. He LOVES the ears. Trust me. *ahem*

Yes, peoples, I am a geek.

You want to know just how much of a geek I really am? The ears (purchased and custom skin-tone blended at the aforementioned Renaissance Festival, where I could easily spend thousands and thousands of dollars if I had them) (the dollars, not the ears) are my first step towards assembling a kickass Elf Ranger costume.


Next thing you know, I'll be LARPing.

Because, peoples, Geeks are Teh Awesome. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Or I'll nail 'em in the ass with an arrow.**

*This purchase is less odd than it may appear. But that's not the point of the story, so I'll leave it to your imagination.
**Well, I will once I have some. And a bow. And a quiver. Anyone have a few hundred dollars to spare?

6 bits of love:

Betty Herbert said...

Does this mean I should be planning an elf-based seduction?

MomZombie said...

You might just end up on The People of Meijer, if such a site exists. True thing about Meijer. A former neighbor worked nights at a Meijer. She always had the best stories about all the *ahem* interestingly dressed folks who wandered through after dark.

GingerB said...

How is that you geeks always find me, and I love you in spite of yourselves? How? I've SCA cousins and a D & D playing husband. How?

Anonymous said...

I am such a geek myself. Except, I LARP already. Don't be afraid, it's not this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_ekugPKqFw Also, I bought my custom ears at a gaming convention. Talk about nerdy. :)

Teacher Mommy said...

GingerB: it may be time to face the reality that you just may love us BECAUSE we're geeks, instead of IN SPITE of it. :P

4everalway5: MTL and I are discussing checking out BlizzCon. Heh.

Draft Queen said...

You are SUCH a geek.

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