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Friday, August 13, 2010

Now All We Need Is A Middle-Aged Housekeeper With A Boyfriend At The Butcher Shop

Though with the snarky senses of humor rife in this not-so-Bradyesque household, we could probably do without Alice's corny witty one-liners. They might just put us over the top.

Anywho, remember when I said all we needed was one more girl?

Well, heeeeeere's Halo!!!!

Oh teh itteh bitteh kitteh!!! Teh cute, teh cute!!!

The Padawan went up north with his Nana and Papa and his cousin T. back on August first. Yesterday, he came home--but not alone! His uncle had found T. a free kitten, and The Padawan called us a couple days ago asking if he could bring home its sibling.

Here's the thing: MTL and I may be snarky and sarcastic and whatnot, but we both have soft smushy centers.

(Don't tell MTL I told you that.)

And we both have very soft smushy centers when it comes to babies, especially the soft and furry kind. We're particularly partial to cats, as they are so easy maintenance-wise. Plus, The Padawan swore he'd take care of the litter box, and while I don't tend to believe too many kids about such things, I do believe it about him. He's a responsible little geek.

So when The Padawan climbed out of Papa's car yesterday, he was cradling a box with the itsiest, bitsiest little ball of stripy fluff.

Oo's teh cute kitteh? Oh, oo is, isn't oo???

I don't squee on principle, but my voice may have climbed a register or two. I don't exactly remember. It all fades into a fuzzy mushy memory.

MTL reacted much the same way when he came home and saw her, truth be told. She's pretty much designed for melting hearts.

The Padawan chose her name--after the video game, of course, being a proper gamer-in-training, though I myself am hoping it encourages an angelic nature. Her nickname is Cutie Patootie, which she is.


She spent the night in a large box in MTL and my room, and she only mewed her teensy tiny little mew a few times. And she's already potty-trained and quite polite about it.

It would be awfully nice if human babies were that way, have to say.

So if you happen to call me up and my voice is all soft and squeaky, don't worry.

I'm just Under the Influence of Kitteh.

1 bits of love:

sAm said...

Awwww...Halo looks just like my new kitty!

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