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Monday, December 7, 2009

So Do You Know That Feeling...

So do you know that feeling you get when you look at your naked body in the mirror and realize that the utter lack of decrease in exercise and rampant indulgence increase in snacking has led to a body better described as "jiggly" than "jammin'"?

And do you know that feeling you get when you optimistically take home reams of grading with the full intention of spending most of your weekend (when not playing with/feeding/bathing/cleaning up after your kids) catching up on everything you should have been doing for the last three weeks, and then when you come back in to work on Monday you realize you only got about half of it done and you spent far more time chatting online and creating a mix-CD for a Christmas present?

And do you know that feeling when you write out the check for the house cleaner because she's coming in to clean (duh) and you look around and realize that while you managed to get the kids to clean up the majority of their incredible mess, the house is still way cluttered and messy and there isn't enough time left to clean up before the cleaner comes?*

You know how that feels?



Yeah, me neither.

*Woah. I need a thesaurus. Way too many forms of "clean" in that sentence. I'm not doing so well on the writing front either, apparently.

4 bits of love:

Momzombie said...

1. Yes. Except I am working out but apparently not exercising restraint when it comes to food portions!
2. Again, yes, except not grading papers, but general paperwork that needed to be done the day before the day before yesterday.
3. I wish I had a house cleaner, a robot, someone or something other than me doing this dreaded job. Someone should be writing me a check.

In all cases, blame it on the Internet.

Arby said...

A house cleaner? Wow. No, I cannot relate to not having enough time to clean up for the arrival of a house cleaner.

Not getting grading finished? Yep. I can relate to that one.

Flab? Yep, still have a bit of that, too.

That's okay. I'm a pretty good guy, large or smaller.

Kathleen said...

Yes and yes. However, I now have a maid who does not require the clean-before-the-cleaner!! She cleans it ALL! Wish I could send her up your way!

Draft Queen said...

Seriously? I need a cleaner. I may already be cheating by having 2 other adults living in this house with me but still, none of us want to do this stuff either. We be busy, yo!

I have finals to take this week. Have I studied/ prepared? Nope.

And omg am I ever getting chubby. Like. I want to cry chubby. And N was kind enough to point out I *still* have the bruise on my thigh.

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