Diapers and Dragons

Sunday, December 20, 2009

siblings of soul

siblings of soul
born of blood and pain and scars
that run deeper than skin
family of dysfunction
(some ruined for all time while
others heal in stages)
our stories often untold
sealed within our hearts
seared upon our spirits
scored across our minds

and when i meet them
(these lost yet found brothers and sisters
struggling through darkness
in search of the light)
when i meet them
there is an instant connection
as if we have known each other
across the miles and years
(the screams and tears)

we are twined together
they and i
shadowebs spun and wrapped about us
(we are everywhere
and everywhen)
and when we speak at last
we can spin our own soulthreads
out of love instead of hate
out of healing instead of pain
and stand together
siblings of soul
bound together for all time

2 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

It sounds like you have found the support of a great group of friends!

Nicola said...


Thank you x

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