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Friday, June 3, 2011

Blog? What Blog?

Holy crapola. Really? It's been that long since I posted anything? I feel like I'm failing you all.

Life. Is. Crazy. Which is why I'm back on crazy pills, because when I started having mild panic attacks I figured I should get some help before they developed into not-so-mild panic attacks and I end up rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere. God bless modern pharmaceuticals.

My therapist and friends all agree this was actually an indication of how far I've come in the last few years, considering I asked for help BEFORE the crazy became The Crazy. Just sayin'. Also: I love my people. There's nothing like a time of high anxiety to bring home just how awesome a support structure I have these days. Not the least of which is a very, very beloved and supportive MTL. The hurricane winds may be blowing, but the foundation is holding firm.

So. My seniors are gone.

Excuse me a minute while I go do a happy dance.

[Insert holding music here]

Whew. They're gone, they're out of here, I managed to get all but two out the door to graduation, some squeaking through by mere tenths of a percentage point. One huge load is off my shoulders: only several dozen left to carry!

My juniors and sophomores have been very patient the last few weeks as I've neglected grading much of their work in order to focus on the seniors. Now I have time to wade through their essays, including their massive term papers (seven to ten pages for sophomores; ten to twelve pages for juniors: EACH). I have exams to create, quiz and test grades to enter, and a classroom to clean and organize. I can do that in the next eight school days, right?


Dammit. I left my meds at home.

Probably the biggest source of stress (now that the seniors are--GLORY HALLELUJAH--gone) is the impending shift at home. I can't go into all the details here, but there have been massive changes chez MTL's Ex, and the girls are moving in with us.

And there's an element to the situation that I can't discuss--yet--but suffice it to say: DRAMA WILL ENSUE.

So. Yeah.

Nothing to be anxious about. Nothing at all.

OH! There is one lovely new addition to my life! Are you ready for this?

I. Got. A. Smartphone.

Oh yes. I, the phone-technophobe, have officially Grown Up and gotten a phone that's more like a hand-held computer than a phone. A Droid X, to be exact. And I just may be in love. MTL says that I'm acting like a kid who's had her first ever taste of chocolate.

Angry Birds? Check.

Words With Friends? Check.

Sudden addiction to apps? Check, check, and absolutely check.

Hmm. You think they have a support group for that?

5 bits of love:

MomZombie said...

Good for you taking proactive steps to fend off the crazy. I've been so against going back on the meds, even when my family begs and pleads with me to do so. Having a good support system is everything, isn't it? (So glad you have MTL in your life.) I hope we can meet up over the summer. Until then, one moment at a time, right?

Katie said...

YOu wouldn't be happy those Seniors are gone now, would you? ;)

And yes...there is an app for phone app addiction. I bet.
looooooove my droid!

Monica said...

I am so curious about the extra drama! Good luck in the next eight days. And this post made me realize how happy I am not to be married to a hs English teacher anymore. :)

PantsWithNames said...

Hello. Things do sound a bit manic in your part of the world - good going to recognise that and take action.

Seriously, you guys are breaking up for summer already! The main reason I will never move to the US when I am still responsible for children. Our summer holidays don't start until the end of July.

Good luck with the next 8 days! x

Draft Queen said...

Such a big girl, asking for help when you need it! So proud!

Hoping things work out for you with minimal drama.


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