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Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Is Why I Should Probably Just Go Back To Bed. And Perhaps Organize My Shoes.

You may have picked up a hint or two that I am overtired and overstressed lately. Just a smidge. I hadn't realized just how much my mental processes have been affected, however, until I was standing up from giving the kidlets hugs at daycare this morning and spotted this:

Oh yes. Those are, indeed, shoes from two different sets of black boots. Please note that they fit my feet quite differently. What you can't spot from this angle is that the right boot's heel is about half an inch higher than the left, which means that I had been limping--yes, LIMPING--around for the previous half hour and hadn't even noticed. This is, as you can imagine, SO VERY GOOD for my back.

So here's what I'm wearing now:

It's a very good thing that I've become so comfortable with my not-so-inner Dork.

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mom said...

Sooo . . . did you wear the cute slippers while teaching, or later at home? I don't know when you wrote this, but by my calculations you're still at school. If so your inner dork has also learned to take care of herself, no matter where she is.
( My word verification is dearm, which, being interpreted, is Dear M. . . you know who!!)

MomZombie said...

Thanks for the laugh out loud today. One day I paired a brown boot with a black boot. One had a pointed toe and the other had a squared-off toe. I didn't notice until I was at my desk at work. I used it as an excuse to buy a new pair of boots. Sleep deprivation is as bad as being drunk.
Get some sleep. Somehow. Some way.

Kathleen said...

Oh, I did that too while teaching. My two shoes - blue and black - were on the same style, however. I didn't notice. My 3rd period class did, though.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I got half way out of my dorm building before I realized that I had no shoes and hadn't put my shirt on over my cami. Talk about tired.

Toni said...

Oh dear, that DID make me laugh.

One time I got to the shops (riding a bike) before realising I still had my bunny slippers on....

Monica said...

Love it! :)

Katie said...

There isn't much that a good monkey slipper won't fix.
THAT is a good set of monkey slippers!!

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