Diapers and Dragons

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This is how I generally feel when I'm outside these days. I'm such a wimp.


snow frosts the branches in icing swirls
candy coating chocolate bark
my mouth waters
instantly freezing and i wince

i am weaker than i thought
thin skin and thinner blood
knives of air lancing my lungs
i shudder

my days of youth were spent in tropic sun
warm torrential rains or
my lungs sliced by dry heat instead
fifteen years ago and still

i find the gingerbread images before me
tastier to see than feel
struggling to find beauty in all my senses
defeated by the cold

i shrug and wonder
perhaps my lesson today
is my weakness in the icy face
of winter's austere strength

4 bits of love:

GingerB said...

I love it when you write poetry, TM. Is it fast for you or do you spend ages on it, I'm wondering. I agree with your sentiments exactly - not only am I weak and whiny, but depressed. I should probably celebrate the end of January with a party to lift my spirits and another when Febraury is over because it is an evil thing and needs to go away.

Katie said...

You said it much better than I could have.

'Winter sucks big old goat balls' is not very poetic at all.

Katie said...

I would also like to apologize for using the phrase goat balls in my last comment.

I blame the snow. And the darkness.

mom said...

I love the gingerbread images. And I know the feeling about the cold. You say it SO well.

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