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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Feel Too Pressured. It's Just A Test Of Your Love.

I am blocked. I have started and stopped, both mentally and typically (I don't think that word means what you think it means! says my inner Inigo Montoya, and he's sort of right--get a sense of vocabulary humor, Inigo!) a half dozen posts and then I look at them (mentally or, well, on the screen) and they fall flatter than a prematurely de-ovenated souffle.

I complained to my friend Rob, and he suggested that I write about playing DnD

(no, not Diapers and Dragons--DUNGEONS and Dragons! Though the confusion is completely logical)

(and yes, I know that my geek quotient just went through the atmosphere with some of you, while others are completely unsurprised--This is the girl who wanted an Elf Ranger outfit for Christmas, you say, and now you know exactly what character I play: her name is Tahlia--pronounced Tuh-LEE-uh--and she's the only Fey in a group of humans, and she kicks ass, of course)

except that I think most of you have already glazed over just at the thought of it and the rest of you, with maybe a couple of exceptions, would join the others if I actually launched into a description of our sessions. Which, really, tend to be pretty raucous and full of hilarious geek culture references, but also involve things like complicated dice and little pewter miniatures and stats sheets and people debating over whether or not a particular attack is likely to have much effect on the target and whether Dexterity or Strength is the base stat for...

And there you go. Come back! I'll stop!


I'm stumped and feeling a little desperate because I WANT TO BLOG and yet nothing is coming to me on its own. So here's my request: would you? could you? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE help me out?

If you're willing to play along, comment on this post with something you'd like to know or always wondered about me or my blog or my life or whatever, or a topic upon which you'd like me to expound, and I will go with it to the best of my ability.

And if you don't comment, I'll know who loves me and who doesn't.


(Sort of.)

So....Ready? Set? GO!

3 bits of love:

Draft Queen said...

Dear heavens woman, are you trying to kill me here? I love you, but I'm pretty sure anything I've ever felt the need to hear about, I've asked you about. We were Valentines, don't you remember?

Lauren said...

I still can't imagine you in a snow-covered life. (We used to fiddle with the glass louvres to get the best air-flow.) Can you post pictures and commentary?

mom said...

I love you! What I would most like to hear is not what you would blog about. So tell some stories about what it's like to have DMB around (since he doesn't blog or anything like that). Or how the cat is doing, banished to the basement. (Is he still?) Or write new words to a Christmas carol, like we used to do. On the other hand, you'll most likely get an idea of your own (and you already wrote another blog!). It will come.

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