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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Numbers Say I Win Mommy of the (Yester)Day

This weekend was crazy busy. And I mean CRAZY BUSY. There are times when I get a little taste of being SuperMom again, and this was one of them. When that occurs, I feel the need to pat myself on the back. Because I survived.

Besides, it doesn't happen that often these days. I'm far more often Lazy Bad Mommy than Productive Good Mommy, to tell the truth.


So here's the breakdown of my weekend:

Friday--ran around to multiple locations trying to find party supplies, especially the all-important Dinosaur Stuff. Limited success. The children's blessed grandmother had more success, because she is the Queen of Dollar Stores, and I ended up meeting her to get the DS she found. Then I scooped up the kids from school, picked up Lucky Duck Pizza, and headed home. My parents called all the way from West Africa just as we were pulling in, so the boys and I had a nice long chat with them. Then it was time for the kidlets to take a bath and watch tv until they fell asleep go to bed, and then I attempted to sort out stuff for the party. Around 9:30 I realized I had no eggs for the cupcakes. And that my cell phone was nowhere to be found. MTL came to the rescue shortly after 10 with eggs delivered to my door as well as a handy cell-phone-ringing service. My phone, it turns out, was nestling in the big bed along with my kidlets, nicely camouflaged in the matching comforter.

I finished my baking and got to bed around midnight.

Saturday--The party happened, and happened well, despite the nasty weather gods. The Widget then went off with his grandma for several hours, while I cleaned up and then took DramaBoy and MTL's daughter K to meet up with MTL and his other kids to see How To Train Your Dragon. In 3D. Which was awesome. DramaBoy dealt with it pretty well, but said he didn't really like it because HIS dragon was not in the movie. Remind me to tell DreamWorks that they really need to work his personal toys into their films from now on.

Then I picked up The Widget, where we were fed thank God because I was so tired by their blessed grandma, and we went home. To collapse.

Sunday--You'd think that after all the craziness of the weekend so far I would have stayed on the couch all day as is my modus operandi. But no. We didn't go to church because The Widget's sniffles had turned into a nasty cough and misery. Instead, I accomplished mighty deeds. No training dragons and saving the village, but nevertheless. In one day, I managed to do the following:
  • went grocery shopping with 2 boys in tow (thank God for the car carts at Meijer)
  • washed and dried 6 loads of laundry
  • folded and put away 9 loads of laundry (there were already 3 loads of kids' clothes sitting in baskets)
  • washed 1 load of dishes
  • decluttered and tidied the kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom
  • collected 4 garbage bags of trash from around the house
  • collected 1 giant garbage bag of giveaway clothes (from going through the kids' clothes and some of mine)
  • monitored 2 little boys as they put away their toys
  • medicated and comforted 1 little boy with a cold
  • cooked chicken and dumplings for dinner for 6 people
  • drove to Grosse Point Woods and back to drop off the 1 little boy with a cold with his grandpa, who is watching him today so that I can go to work
  • packed for my 2 days away from the house
Oh yes. I am that awesome.

Some days.

Today? I'm planning on getting through the work day, going to physical therapy, and collapsing.

TeacherMommy out.

8 bits of love:

Unknown said...

Collapse on something soft, like a couch or a mattress. It hurts less.

momZombie said...

So glad it all worked out, despite the crazy weather.

Sparkling Adventures said...

It's a day to remember when you don't want to crawl out of bed and don't care if the boys eat dry cereal from the box in front of the TV all day.

triles said...

Does going back to work feel like a relief after weekends like these?

mom said...

Take Arby's advice. You can even close your eyes if you like. And turn off your phone.

Draft Queen said...

Tried to call me, but I was probably busy fleeing my own house into the safety of Dave and B's because I knew N's bed is still there for a reason and it isn't JUST because we miss them and they miss us.

It's called getting away from D's family after a long weekend involving and inhaler and other related medical phenomena.

I miss you.

And I'll Raise You 5 said...

You're ready.

Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing! a mommy-marathon weekend!
- SoccerSister

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